Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

Ryan is having a super stellar Father's Day. He started off the day feeling very manly with his new tools etc. that we got him. Then he got to lounge around all morning with two lovely ladies.....Tatum and Scoutty who both have chicken pox! Poor guy. I felt bad going to church and leaving him at home but the primary was singing in sacrament meeting and I was doing both sharing times......anyways, to make up for it, he got this dinner....

MMMMM, his favorite. He loves mashed potatoes and I make them every Fathers Day because I try not to make them the rest of the year.....they make me gag! And, just because I'm in a bragging mood......check these yorkshire puddings out....they were huge!

I am so blessed to have Ryan as the father of our kids. I dont know too many fathers that will play handball every night on the floor of their sons room, or have nightly chats with their daughter since she was 5! He has bathed Scoutty every night since the day she was born and has given these kids all the attention and love that he can. He is a rockstar in our books and we sure do love him!


Gibbs said...

Good work on the dinner! Sorry you have girlies with chicken pox, not fun! And happy fathers day Ryan!

The Wolseys said...

Well played on the yorkshire puddings! Very nice! Look's like a super steller day!