Sunday, April 1, 2012

We are still HERE!!!!!

I dont know why I've been feeling guilty lately about not keeping up this blog. I hate journaling....maybe that's why. I figure that if it's important enough to remember, than we will. I know that's not really true but whatever.

Life has just been crazy busy this past month. Spring is finally starting to arrive here in Red Deer.....we seriously get the most snow of anywhere in Alberta, I hate it. But it's half gone on the grass out front, so that is pretty exciting.

The kids are busy in school and Tatum especially keeps herself busy with all of her extra curricular things she is doing at school. She joined the art club, badminton club, she just finished up basketball and hmmm, there was something else but I dont remember(must not be that important, right....haha)

Ryan refinished my Ireland Table for me.....just fixed the top of it so now we are using this as our dining room table and I love it!!! I wish that I would have thought to use it a few years ago!

I am busy teaching Zumba three times a week and starting courses to get certified to be an official group fitness instructor. Who knew a year ago that I would be teaching latin dancing and loving it!! Weird how life works!

Wow, that's all I have for ya today..... I haven't blogged for a few months and when I do, I talk about the weather! Pretty sad!!!


tallmama said...

some news coming?? hmmm got me thinking.. ohhh I love surprised what could it be... hmmm my top three guesses, but in no particular order 1)your moving 2)preggers (always a contender, lol) 3)ryan is getting a big promotion?

anyways i'll be waitng for the news... :)

Miss Me said...

Oh, you never know what I might have to say but today, it's none of the above. I'm just hoping for something exciting like a great spelling bee at the kids' school or some random act of kindness that I can blog about. Life is kind of boring.....but boring is good!