Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today we walked to raise $$$ and awarenes for Juvenile Diabetes. We have a family chalk full of diabetics so this was a fun way to get out and support them! I was going to make tshirts for everyone....cause we're a team right? So we should match.... Well, I never got around to that. The pictures will show you what our team theme was......throw back to the eighties or creepy pedophiles.....I'm not sure which one! We had such a great time together and we raised around $700 and the walk today in Lethbridge raised just over $16000.00!!! That's awesome and makes a cure, just a step closer!!!! We love all the family members that are dealing with diabetes....well, I guess we love the ones that aren't either but the ones that are, we were thinking about you today!!! We love you!


Greg said...

Thanks Miss, this really means a lot to Miles!

Bryan said...

I didn't get the Abby Miler name until KD explained it in her blog. Just a little slow!