Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Fun!

What do you do on Sunday afternoon, when the weather is warm and breezy, the sun is shining and it's a wonderful day? The answer is easy........

Play Polly Pockets...of course! We bought a huge bin of Polly's at a garage sale a while ago. Over the past few weeks, Ryan has been gone tons...Fort Mac, Saskatoon, Calgary etc...all staying a few days at a time. Last week, when I was about to officially go insane, I remembered the polly's and decided to pull them out and let Scoutty play with them. What a smart idea on my part....but no one is surprised right now by my genius, are you? Anyways, Scoutty loves them soooo much and haha, so does everyone else. This was our sunday afternoon activity yesterday. Even Ryan got involved for a while, dressing the polly's on Scoutt's insistance. Of course, he and Keegan had to throw a football around for a while after that, just to feel like men again!!!

It's been a crazy few weeks. I'm working towards teaching Zumba in a few weeks. I am heading down to Billings to do the certification and then practicing on some very willing guinea pigs(friends) here before I start charging people to come take my class. It's so much work. I've been doing hours of choreography every day and practicing tons. It's so much fun though.

The kids are busy busy in school. Tatum has started playing the flute this year and she's pretty good already. Maybe that's because her NAZI mother insists that she practices every day for 15 minutes. She is trying out for the volleyball team right now! Keegan starts soccer again in a week and he has amazing coaches this year...yes, you guessed's Ryan and I. Ryan really wanted to do it but since he's gone so much, I got sucked into it. It should be fun!