Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're still here......

Summer has flown by....not the best summer that we've ever had and I'm glad it's over and we are back in the routine of work and school. I crave routine and I like my space from the kiddies....so I can quilt and do a few things that dont require running kids all over the city.

Tates has started Jr. High...I hate having a child that old! The first day of school I walked her to the front doors and we waited together for the bell to ring. There was a group of boys standing next to us using all sorts of foul language and talking about totally innappropriate things..... It made me sad to leave her there. After the bell rang, I got into my car, said a quick prayer that she would be okay and remember everything that we've taught her about being a good girl and then I cried all the way home. It was not a good day for me.....great for her though. She made some new friends and is super excited about her options for this semester.

Keegs is in grade 4. He got the teacher that he wanted and some of his good friends from last year are in his class. He's happy to go to school!

Scoutty is happy having the house back to herself. She loved having the siblings home during the summer but she loves her space and her Mommy time.

I've been coming up with things to keep me sane here in Red Deer. This has been one of the most challenging places that we have lived and man, we are struggling with it but we know that we are here for a reason, so we're sticking it out and trying to see the positives. It's pretty hard most days but once in a while, something great happens and makes the struggles seem not so hard.

Ryan is busy as ever with work but some good things are happening there. He's been biking to work alot lately and he is loving that.

Other than that, life is just chugging along, somedays at a snails pace and other days, way to fast for my liking but we are enjoying the ride.


The Voss family said...

Your family is beautiful Missy! It was good to see you when you were in Rexburg even though we didn't really get to visit much.