Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Time is Here......

Our tree went up on Sunday!!! I know it's early but when christmas day is here and past, my tree comes right down so we just enjoy it early! We headed out last night for FHE to buy our christmas ornaments. We started this tradition years ago and it's become one of the highlights of christmas. Everyone that comes to our house, gets a "tour" of our tree and whose ornaments are whose. This year, Tatum picked a sparkly Eiffel Tower, Keegan went with a motor boat(he gets a motorized something every year), Scoutt changed her mind a gazillion times but ended up with a high heal boot(girl after my own heart), Ryan got a mushroom, cause that's just funny to have a 'shroom on your tree and I picked out a massive diamond ring(yes, I know everyone is shocked at my choice, haha). It was so fun last night getting our ornaments up on the tree and reading some christmas stories before bed! It was a great way to kick off the christmas season!