Monday, December 5, 2011

We Heart our Missionaries

We have the best elders in our ward right now. We all adore these boys! They are so fun to be around and we're super excited that they are here for christmas. We had them over for dinner last night.....made them exactly what they wanted...sweet and sour meatballs and teriaki(that is not spelled right but I'm too tired to think about it) chicken. We always get the missionaries gifts at christmas so on Saturday, we went on the hunt for the perfect gifts. As a tradition, we always get the elders white tube socks with the Oilers logo on them. Sadly, this year we couldn't find them so we had to settle for Oilers t-shirts. We gave them a massive bag of know those sour dinosaur candies?? anyways, they loved it. The kids wrapped their gifts up a million times and in a million different boxes so it took them forever to open them. It was so fun. Then Elder Brich(who is known in this mission as a yo-yo master) did some tricks with his $70 yo-yo. Now, I thought the boy was crazy to spend that much on a yo-yo but when we saw what he could do with it, I was ready to go buy one. Wow, it was amazing! We are so blessed to have such great young men serving in our makes our traditions of gift-giving to the elders just that more fun!!