Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sorry, No pics.....

Just a quick update on what we are up too! I have no pictures....sorry, boring, I know but life has been a little busy to get the camera out!

Ryan - Got severe pnuemonia over Christmas...actually when we were visiting my sis down in Utah. We rushed back home....17 hours of straight driving for me and got him to the doctor. Thank heavens..a few more days and he would have been admitted to the hospital! He is just busy as ever at work. There are lots of projects that he is excited to design and complete which makes work a little more fun for him. He still plays hockey every week and coaches Keegan's soccer team. Oh, and who can forget his nightly chats with Tatum and his nightly handball games with Keegan. Poor guy, those kids tire him out!

Tatum - She just turned 12 and is in Young Womens. We have an awesome group of beehives in this ward that were so welcoming to her! She loves going to activities every week and feeling so grown up! She is trying to get started on her family history work and get some names that she can take to the temple to do baptisms for. She's super excited about this! Her first ward temple trip is in three weeks! She is on the jr. basketball team at school, plays in the band and is part of the Art Club. She is such a joiner....I love it! She has been babysitting a ton for the past few months and is saving her money for her own laptop! She is halfway there already!

Keegan - Keegs is big into soccer right now. Ry coaches his team and at the first of the season, they stunk, big time. Now, they are the TEAM TO BEAT! He's got about 5 weeks left of that. He loves his schoolwork and is so anxious to get his assignments done.....he just loves to learn. I hope that sticks with him. He is working on his cub badges and only has about 15 more to do....then he will have every cub badge!!!! Such an's been a lot of work for me!! Haha!

Scoutt - She is a new sunbeam in church. It's so strange with her in the big kid primary now. She seems so little. I think it's because when the other kids were in Sunbeams, they were the oldest....she is the youngest one in primary! She loves getting her fill of cartoons everyday and we try to break that up with dancing, playing with her Littlest Petshops and baking anything we can think of....she loves dumping all the ingredients into the mixer!

Me - I started teaching Zumba at a club here in town. It's going really well and I enjoy the challenge. I am still primary pres. which is getting a little old but getting hugs every week from those kids, sure makes it worth it! I am busy with my craft club every month, baking treats for the kids' school classes, ryan's soccer team etc. etc. Oh, and running kids around like crazy. The other day Ryan filled up my truck and a few days later I thought, Geesh, didn't I just get gas? The tank was on half! Ugh. Oh well! I'm trying to enjoy the little moments with my family and really treasure the time that we have together. I am reminded far too often that we really dont know what will transpire in life and I dont want to have any regrets that I should have done more with my family. I not perfect at it, but I'm trying.

Well, that's it, I guess. Hopefully I can dig my camera out and take more pictures next time......we'll see!